Eagle show

Berkut is one of the symbols of the Kyrgyz people. From the earliest times he is an invariable companion of all hunters. Now hunting with golden eagle has become a national sport. Recently gaining popularity. At many competitions is mandatory discipline. Our Berkut name is Oymok, he is 8 years old, he has many prizes and awards. At the World Games of the nomads, he took the 5th place. In Naryn he is a repeated champion. He lives permanently in the camp, so you can see how he lives outside hunting and competition.

Haman is already 20 years old as Berkutchi. At first it was like a hobby, he really likes it, and now it's his job, preparing for the Nomads' Games, he also shows a Burkut show for tourists. It's 7-8 of good golden eagles, and so there were golden eagles, but not all of them can become good hunters. Some cowardly, some flew away, someone attacked people. Golden eagle is every three days. If he eat a rabbit then this will be enough for 4-5 days.

There were people who offered to sell the golden eagle. They gave $ 500-800, but Haman did not sell it. He has 5 children and a golden eagle as the 6th.

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