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The area around the camp "Usonbak" is ideal for trekking. There are also high mountains, on which you can climb not only as beginners, but also as experienced climber. Gorge Salkyn-Tor is a very picturesque place; just a walk will give you great pleasure. However, the most important thing is that it is safe: there are no steep and sharp cliffs. In addition, nature is not littered and almost untouched by civilization.

At the top, you can see the panoramas to the nearby valleys; you can even see the town of Naryn. Sometimes wild goats and arhars descend from snowy peaks; they can be seen with an unaided eye.

In the 11th to 13th centuries, the nomadic Kyrgyz wandered in that area. They still constitute 99% of the country’s population. In Naryn, people preserve the nomadic life style, which has remained unchanged for many centuries. Moreover, the land has always been relatively remote from wars, trade routes, etc. This explains the small number of historical and cultural monuments in the region. Only in the Soviet period, first settlements and towns began to appear in the region and roads were built.
During the period of the Soviet Union most of the Naryn region was banned for tourism. The reason of it was in the desire to preserve the untouched nature of this region. Thanks to those actions if the government, Naryn area has become an ideal place for ecotourism and wild travel in the bosom of nature.

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